Deonte Taylor’s (Q PARKER) singing career started in the church when he was just a small boy. Now, as the lead singer for the globally successful R&B trio S404, he has fame, fortune, women, screaming fans, a loving wife and a son until he makes a mistake that nearly takes the life of his six-year-old son and leads to his sentence of four years in a federal prison. With him jailed and his "bad boy" behaviors exposed, he loses his career and his family.

In prison, Deonte meets an aging and once-rising musician serving a life sentence who sees his own past in Deonte and sets out to make sure his past isn't repeated and helps Deonte start his journey back to his faith.  Four years later, Deonte is released only to learn all his fame and riches are gone. He is forced to start over with nothing.

Will he return to his fame and the actions of his past? or will he accept his new humility and turn back to his faith for his rescue and for the strength he will need to earn back the trust and love of his family and most importantly prove to his young son that he can be the father and man he expected of him?

"RESCUE ME" is written around the life story, the rise, fall and spiritual redemption of multi-Grammy winning, co-founder and former hit R&B group "112" lead singer, Q Parker. The story is inspired by an amazing collection of Christian songs written and produced by Q Parker titled “The Bridge Project.”   


"The Bridge Project" will be released by Nashville based company, Entertainment One (aka eOne) in the summer of 2020 and will feature some of the top international mainstream and Christian artist in the world performing six hit songs from the album in the movie.  


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Rescue Me

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