The Q Parker Story


The Multi-Grammy award-winning R&B artist Q Parker's, story is one of fame, failure, and faith. A founding member of the worldwide phenom group, 112, formerly signed with Bad Boy Records and Def Jam, Q Parker's musical life story is one that manifested its roots in the church and due to his parents being strong in their faith in the Lord. By his 17th birthday, FAME quickly found Q when he found himself as the lead singer in an R&B Group and recording hit songs with the likes of Puff Daddy, Biggie, Faith Evans and performing in concerts all over the world with The Isley Brothers, Keith Sweat, New Edition and Puff Daddy and the Family.  Overnight, Q Parker went from being a young high school graduate to an overnight entertainment success that would lead to the adornment of fans, Grammy nominations, Grammy wins and international successes. But, his quick rise to fame would come at a huge cost as FAILURE seeded its way into the roots of the Group and his own personal success.


The decision to leave the Bad Boy label for Def Jam in the early 2000s and for some to seek individual careers was yet another period of inner-turmoil which eventually lead to Q Parker’s spiral into the lowest depths of not only his career but his life. In danger of losing his wife and child, being no longer signed to a major recording label, with the millions of screaming women silenced, and estranged from the church and the teachings from his spiritual upbringings, he withdrew into a personal imprisonment, locking himself away from reality, confining himself to the meager lifestyle he knew before the fame and fortune. Alone and imprisoned by the mistakes and consequences of his own doing, he reached the lowest point of his young life, but it was there, at that low point when he turned to God in prayer and whispered two simple but powerful words – “Rescue Me.” In those words, the Lord revealed to him the answer to his escape. The one thing which Q turned his back on but which never turned its back on him, this one thing even through the rise and fall of his career and his life, never left him but instead waited with patience and love for his return – this thing was his FAITH. 


With renewed spiritual passion, Q Parker reemerged from his self-imprisonment with a new determination, purpose in life and love for God. He set out to show his family, his wife and young son that he could be the man, husband, and father they so deeply desired and expected of him. Through humility and supplication, he gave and found forgiveness with his family and the church.


Today, Q Parker is ready to tell his life story in music and on film. His soon-to-be-released EP is a collection of inspiring Gospel songs performed by many of today’s top R&B and Christian artists and serves as the soundtrack and inspiration for the film.

Rescue Me


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