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In 1991 I was sitting in my command post after spending nearly two weeks of training throughout various wooded locations in Germany with my Infantry platoon. I was tired, wet, hungry and there on the corner of my desk was a book about how to write a screenplay I checked out of the library shortly before our deployment.  I picked it up, flipped through the pages and on that day, God set me on a path that has led me to this point in my life.​

I studied every book and read every paper I could get my hands on for the next 15 years and I was determined to learn how to write a screenplay, but I wasn't certain the genre I would specialize in until one day while on military leave visiting my parents. I was talking with my late Father, a pastor and man that dearly loved the Lord about my writings. I told him I wanted my work to mean something, to entertain, motivate and inspire. He me I should consider writing family and faith stories. Not stories about people preaching to other people, but stories from the teachings of the Bible. He told me to keep praying and to keep my faith first and foremost at the front of whatever I decided for my writings and if I did so - God would surely provide.

I returned to my Army base, but his words stuck with me and slowly I started to see, feel and imagine the words and stories I wanted to tell. A couple of years later my father and I were together again and I was excited to share with him a couple of my early scripts, talk to him about how much I love writing stories about faith, love, challenge and redemption. That day he shared what would the purpose behind all my work. He said to me "keep writing stories about the goodness of faith because your stories will reach and inspire more people than he ever could in a lifetime of ministry."I asked him what he meant and he replied “son, my church has something your films will never have… walls and borders.” 

I wrote “Rescue Me” after listening to the 10 gospel songs Q Parker wrote and produced with his creative team for his soon-to-be-released eOne Entertainment album titled, “The Bridge Project.”  Listening to those songs that day, I could hear Q's life story spilling out with every note and every lyric, so I set out to write a story where the audience would not only leave feeling entertained and inspired, they would also leave feeling like they just witnessed the most incredible gospel concert ever.  


​"The Bridge Project" is an inspiring collection of songs that feature collaborations from over 50 notable R&B and Gospel Grammy winning and nominated artists such as Musiq Soulchild, Case, Jonathan McReynolds, Tank, Lecrae, Pastor Dietrich Haddon, Todd Delaney, Rueben Studdard, Bobby V, Avery Wilson, Darwin Hobbs, Eric Dawkins, Ginuwine, Jor'Dan Armstrong, Lyfe Jennings, Major, Marcus Devine, Montell Jordan, Omari Hardwick, Raheem Devaughn, and many, many more.  As I was writing, all I could see and hear were the powerful scenes featuring some of the songs and singers from the album playing out on the big screen!


Q Parker is ready to tell his life story in music and on film. We are blessed to share his story with you and we pray you will participate in and support our journey to tell this beautiful story of fame, failure, and faith.​Thank you for your support and investment. 


God Bless. 


Ty Manns Writer/Director - “Rescue Me”


(visit - www.officialbridgeproject.com to see all the artists performing on the album)

Psalm’s 18:30, “As for God, His way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: He is a buckler to all those that trust in Him

He said "my reach to the faithful and faithless is confined between my church walls and the borders the church can afford to extend beyond. The he looked at me and said "your movies can go anywhere in the world! They won’t have walls and they won't have borders to stop them and unlike me… they will last many lifetimes.”Sadly, my father, our Pastor is no longer with us, but his words are still true today. The stories I write, we produce are part of a film ministry that extends beyond walls and borders to entertain, motivate and inspire and "Rescue Me" is certainly one of these films.  A biopic tale of a R&B superstar that had everything - fame, fortune and millions of screaming fans until he lost it all. The story is based on actual events that would later define and lead Grammy winning artist and co-founder of the mega R&B Group 112, Q Parker back to a life of faith. It will depict events that led to his fame, his failures and his faith. Faith that led to his redemption of both his professional and personal life. 

Rescue Me

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