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In the past, profit-sharing in Hollywood movies was a thing of dreams for the smaller investors and quality crowd investment projects like "Rescue Me" could never have existed. This is no longer the case!

Thanks to the 2012 JOBS act, the landscape of not only equity crowdfunding, but of film production, financing and profit-sharing is undergoing a major shift. Today, you no longer need to have, quite literally, a million dollars in your bank account to be able to invest in Hollywood films. Now, those that desire to become a part of the film production process, introduce producible content or invest in the production of a feature film are able to do so. People from just about every state and walk of life are taking advantage of opportunities that have been beyond their reach for many, many years.

​Exciting new crowdfunding platforms, coupled with new federal laws now allow you to invest in exciting feature film, TV and streaming content opportunities. These platforms allow you to minimize your risk by investing the amounts comfortable and safe for you all the while automating the profit-sharing process. With an investment of as little as $100, you too can acquire a profit-sharing position in upcoming feature films starring actors you see on the big screen and TV every day. 

A new era of democratized financing is leading the way into the creative future, and bringing with it the rise of more and more fan supported and crowdfunded projects. In order for independent family and faith-based feature film studios like Manns Mackie Studios to grow and continue to bring you the content and projects you’ve come to love and enjoy, we must not only keep pace with the technology and changing landscapes but use them to our advantage by giving you content demanded by you, funded by you and watched by you. That’s why Manns Mackie Studios is using these exciting new technologies and friendly equity crowdfunding laws to secure partial financing for its upcoming bio-pic family/faith-based film, “Rescue Me” The Q Parker Story. Now each one of you can participate in this truly unique proposition and support quality content that is created for you, funded by you, watched by you and ultimately is fruitful for you!

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