Why Invest

Manns Mackie Studios will produce Rescue Me, in part by the FANS rather than corporate investors. YOU will be a major part in telling and bringing this incredible story to your cities, town, churches and the world on the silver screen!


Reasons to Invest:

1. You will be promoting and keeping independent Christian film alive and well in the feature film market space.  Your investment will go directly to the production of a film that will exemplify the the greatness of God. A film which all members of your family, regardless of age can sit in a single setting to watch and enjoy together!  A film without the gratuitous sex, language & violence. 

2. This is not a donation. When you invest, of course, there is risk involved with any investment, be it real estate or the stock market, and so is the case with this. There is risk and for that risk, there is a reward. If and when the film is profitable you will be in a position to receive a return on your investment and you can say that YOU were instrumental in the production of  "RESCUE ME!"

We are convinced YOU can help make "Rescue Me" become one of the most influential family and Christian films in 2020!  Click the links below to learn more about the investment details and the share with your family, friends, co-workers, church members and more...

Rescue Me

Email: info@rescueme.movie

Address: 12850 Highway #9 Suite 600-371,

Alpharetta, GA 30004

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